For most people, wealth is not something
that simply happens overnight.

It’s hard work to build wealth, protect it, and
continue to grow it.

Investing can be emotional. Emotions can drive
people to make bad decisions. With stakes so
high, who is managing YOUR portfolio?




We’re not computers.

When you work with us, you can always count on speaking to real
people who truly care. We constantly monitor your portfolio and
make changes depending on the market. We free you from having to
watch your assets every day. Through online updates, regular
phone calls and in-person meetings, our team is committed to
keeping you advised on the progress of your portfolio.

We really know our stuff.

Not to toot our own horn, but we are really smart. Our professionals have an average of 12 years of experience and offer knowledge earned through degrees from Princeton, Harvard, and Cornell and industry designations including CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP), Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and more. We’ve weathered financial conditions of all types, and can help you prepare for anything that lies ahead.


We have the investment world at our fingertips.

AllGen puts thousands of hours a year into investment research. We invest in funds (both stock and bond) that historically have the highest long-term net return with the lowest amount of risk or volatility. We can buy mutual funds, individual stocks, bonds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) and Closed End Funds (CEF’s). We invest in both domestic and foreign equity securities and debt securities. We can also buy companies of any size market capitalization. The investment universe is available to YOU.

A Note About Fees

At AllGen Financial, we believe that charging a management fee rather than earning commissions is a more efficient way to invest a client’s money. This means that we do not get paid commissions for investing your account; the only money we make when investing your money is a percentage fee based on the assets under management.

Some commission brokers charge up to 5.75% to buy a mutual fund for you.  This is called a “load” fund.  We buy no-load funds for our clients so we can buy into a fund and sell out of a fund without you ever paying a commission. This allows our clients to keep all of their funds invested.


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To get started, we learn
about your current financial
situation, goals, and time frames.
This helps us create a
portfolio that best fits
your needs and personality.

The investment universe is wide open to
us. We evaluate all of our options to
find the best investments for you.

How much risk are you
comfortable taking?
We prioritize managing risk
in order to avoid any major loss.

We screen through
opportunities and attempt
to invest in securities (both
stocks and bonds) that
historically have the
highest long-term net
return with the lowest amount
of risk or volatility.

YOUR PORTFOLIO The result of this ‘funnel’ is your portfolio where we seek superior return with limited risk. Our goal is to outperform your risk profile benchmark over an entire market cycle (Bull and Bear Market) net of fees.

Economies change. We’re constantly making adjustments to ensure optimized holdings for given economic factors. We manage portfolios proactively considering the:

1 Economic and Market Environments
2 Required Performance
3 Time Horizon
4 Risk Profile



We seek long-term capital appreciation and work to protect
assets in down markets.

Want to learn more about our screening criteria?