About Us

Charles Schwab Pacesetter IMPACT Award™️ Winner


AllGen promotes financial wisdom to all generations in the pursuit of financial freedom through sound advice.


We want to live in a society that is financially wise and fulfilled because each of us is living out our purpose


We believe finances should be: Mastered, Owned (instead of borrowed), Empowering, and Impactful.

Core Values

People Before Profits

All decisions are based on the best interests of clients and employees before the resulting financial impact for the firm.


We constantly strive to increase knowledge and the application thereof.

Inspire for Betterment

We strive to inspire and give hope to our clients and employees as to the possibilities for their future.


We behave and make decisions based on the Golden Rule.

Challenge the Norm

We do not behave in accordance with principles merely because they are accepted standards, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Nationally-Recognized Financial Advisory Firm