At AllGen, we strive to simplify financial conversations by bringing complicated issues down to earth while delivering a high level of financial intellect and professionalism to our clients.  We believe everyone is gifted with different skill sets.  Through this belief, we have formed a team of diverse individuals that collaborate to empower and educate our clients through the maze of financial decisions necessary to reach financial success. Whether you are starting on your financial journey or have reached financial independence, we take great pride and joy in helping you maximize your financial resources.  We are your approachable financial firm.

AllGen Financial provides highly tailored financial planning, investments, money management, asset management, retirement planning, debt reduction, budgeting, estate planning, rollovers, legacy planning, and cash flow planning. Headquartered in Orlando, FL, we serve clients throughout the U.S. and abroad.

2016 Pacesetter IMPACT Award™ Winner: AllGen Financial Advisors, Inc.

Core Values:

People before profits – all decisions are based on the best interests of clients and employees before the resulting financial impact for the firm

Inspire for betterment – we strive to inspire and give hope to our clients and employees as to the possibilities for their future

Challenge the norm – we do not behave in accordance  principles merely because they are accepted standards but rather because it is the prudent and wise “thing” to do

Wisdom – constantly strive to increase knowledge and the application thereof

Integrity – we behave and make decisions based on the “Golden Rule”

2017 AdvisoryHQ Top Rated Financial Advisory Firm2018 AdvisoryHQ Top Rated Financial Advisory Firm


AllGen promotes financial wisdom to all generations in the pursuit of financial freedom through sound advice


A society that is financially wise and fulfilled because they are living out their purpose


We believe finances should be: 1) Mastered 2) Owned not borrowed 3) Empowering and 4) Impactful 



Paul Roldan

Paul Roldán, CFP®
“The Maestro”

Jason Martin

Jason Martin, CFP®, CMT
“The Nerd”

Financial Advisors

Kathryn Hite

Kathryn Hite, CFP®
“The Boomlennial”

Edwin Salazar

Edwin Salazar
“The Quarterback”

Judy Hulsey

Judy Hulsey
“The Heart for the Family”

Karen Vergara

Karen Vergara
“The Globetrotter”

Financial Planners

Ana Fernandez

Ana Fernandez, CFP®
“The Thinker”

Teresa Talton

Teresa Talton
“The Architect”

Operations and Administration