We’re delighted to announce that Allgen Financial Advisors was selected as this year’s winner of Charles Schwab Advisor Services’ Pacesetter IMPACT Award™. This year marked the 11th anniversary of the IMPACT Awards, which recognizes forward-thinking independent investment advisor firms that demonstrate excellence through innovative business practices, client dedication, leadership, and fresh thinking.

Allgen Wins Schwab IMPACT Award

People, Not Profits

Since our inception in 2007, Allgen operates on the core tenet of focusing on “people, not profits.” A great majority of financial advising firms require account minimums from their clients, a strategy which favors certain client bases.

Principal and Chief Executive Officer Paul Roldán explains, “We didn’t want to cater only to retirees and the older generation. We wanted to serve all generations and grow with them.” By eliminating account minimums, Allgen is able to work with clients of all ages on their path to financial freedom, no matter what stage they are in today.

We even named the company based on our belief of serving All GENerations!

We believe that everyone should have access to tools that can help them take charge of their financial future. As long as you’re willing to learn and take control of your finances, we welcome you with open doors.

“Ultimately, we know that the seeds we are planting and cultivating within our community will have a broader reach and a lasting impact beyond the individuals we serve,” explains Ana Fernández, senior financial planner.

Innovating the Financial Services Realm

In addition to Allgen’s compassionate, humanitarian approach to doing business, Charles Schwab recognizes our efforts to use technology and tools to increase productivity, improve the client experience, and reach a wider audience.

According to Jason Martin, principal and chief investment officer, “Our ultimate goal is to help each client move toward an empowering, impactful, and financially free life.”

We accomplish this by seeking to educate our clients and keep them informed in a constantly-evolving market, providing them with resources including:

  • Allgen’s #MoneyMinute, a weekly FAQ video series in which Paul and Jason answer some of the most common and relevant financial questions our viewers have today.
  • Timely social media and blog posts to engage with our customers while continuing to provide education and insight.
  • Personalized newsletters and “Financial Freedom” workshops to help keep our clients informed while building and nurturing our relationships.

Giving Back to the Community

In addition to the immense honor of the award itself, Charles Schwab also awards each IMPACT Award® winner with $15,000 to donate to a charity of their choice.

Allgen is excited at the opportunity of establishing a donor-advised fund called “The Allgen Compassion Fund” through the National Christian Foundation (NCF). The compassion fund will allow us to continue supporting local nonprofit organizations and charities in an ongoing effort improve our community and make a difference in people’s lives.

More about Schwab’s IMPACT Awards®

Charles Schwab created its IMPACT Awards® to recognize firms that represent the best attributes of the financial advice industry while embodying the unique benefits that the independent advice model offers to its investors. In addition to $15,000 on behalf of each winning firm, Schwab gives $1,000 to a nonprofit organization chosen by each of its five independent judges.

To learn more about the IMPACT Awards® visit: http://impact.schwab.com/about/awards#

We are honored to receive this top recognition, as it affirms Allgen’s vision to see a society that’s financially wise and fulfilled as they manifest their values and live out their purpose.


Allgen Financial Advisors is not owned or affiliated with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”), and its personnel are not employees or agents of Schwab. The IMPACT Award® is not a referral to, endorsement or recommendation of, or testimonial for the advisor with respect to its investment advisory or other services. Charles Schwab Advisor Services® serves independent investment advisors and includes the custody, trading, and support services of Schwab. The National Christian Foundation is not affiliated with or employed by Schwab. This is not and should not be construed as a recommendation, endorsement, or sponsorship by Schwab.