Judy Hulsey

Financial Advisor

Fun Facts

  • Judy’s ancestor fought with General George Washington in the Revolutionary War.
  • Judy was an Oklahoma rancher and from the same birth place as Will Rogers.
  • Loves family more than anything, including her adopted four-legged daughter Lucy

About Judy

  • 26 years’ experience in the financial industry
  • Assists high net worth clients to maximize their portfolios from $2 to $300 million
  • Judy’s authentic demeanor allows clients to trust her as a family member
  • Official coach for Campus Crusade for Christ’s Senior Leadership Initiative and serves on various boards throughout our community


  • Former Wealth Strategist in Private Wealth Management at Sun Trust
  • Tenured Toastmaster, Judy has the privilege of speaking and sharing her expertise
  • Earned a B.S. and a B.A. from the University of Central Oklahoma and Ozark Christian College. Both schools helped Judy solidify her values of combining integrity with business, the hallmark of her career.