Freedom Planning Mindset

Do you remember how it felt to look at the world and believe anything was possible?  Can you remember feeling the freedom to chase your aspirations, free from fear and doubt?

As you read this, let’s explore your imagination and wander to those dusty forgotten corners of your mind.  If you are anything like most people, you have lost your childish curiosity, and we want you to reconnect with this part of yourself. This child-like curiosity is fundamental to defining your goals for the future.

What’s your purpose? Is there an idea that occasionally pops up in your mind? Maybe it comes to mind first thing in the morning while you wait for your coffee, during your shower, or while you’re at work staring at your screen.  Whenever it comes up it is like seeing an old childhood friend – you always recognize it, and it fills you with hope and excitement.

Yet for some reason we never make it a priority and it is just quite out of reach. You decide it is not realistic, so you quit believing in it. You have many reasons to avoid pursuing this goal.  What if you failed? What would people think? How would your family react? What about all the risk?

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?  When did our purpose become an afterthought? When did chasing our dreams become an unworthy pursuit? We all get distracted with the business of life. It is time you did something for yourself and determined a freedom plan to help you achieve your purpose, goals, and dreams.

In Freedom planning, we start with the ending you want and explore the steps to get you there. If you could see the path that leads you to your desired destination would you take it? You see, most people are not motivated enough to save and invest for the sole purpose of building wealth. You need to paint the picture of what your dream life looks like and truly visualize it; then, you can take the practical steps to achieve that dream. At Allgen we help you map out what it takes to reach your goals. We believe that anything is possible with a well thought out plan, determination, and purposeful hard work.  Together we will help you find your path to Financial Freedom.

Freedom Planning Practical Steps

While the mindset and the vision drives the motivation, the practical steps are your compass to arriving at the desired destination.  Allgen’s Path to Financial Freedom provides you with the steps to achieve financial freedom. While each client has their own purpose in life, goals, and dreams, the “path” provides the financial means to help you achieve them.  On the right you will see the Freedom Plan and the steps involved to achieve Financial Freedom.

After you go through the process of defining and quantifying what Financial Freedom looks like for you, then our planners take you through 3 main areas:

Maximizing Investments

We will look at all the available investment vehicles that could work for you. This may be your work retirement plans (i.e. 401k, 403b, 457, SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, etc.) or individual retirement accounts like an IRA and or Roth IRA.  We may even look at non-retirement accounts, real estate investments, or a business as part of the portfolio in designing a plan to most efficiently and effectively achieve your goals. 

Allgen’s Path to Financial Freedom

College Funding

For those who have children, we help you determine the best way to navigate college funding, so that your children can go to college and graduate without student loans. It is important here that you do not break the bank paying for their college costs. 

Mortgage Elimination

Having your home paid for and being completely debt free is one of the biggest keys to reaching financial freedom.  As such we help you come up with a plan to pay off your mortgage. This would also include mortgages on any investment real estate or business loans.

For more information on each area you can go to Allgen’s YouTube channel where we provide short videos,videoes called “Money Minutes,” that can help you in each specific area.

Freedom is within your grasp – you have everything it takes to live the life you want; how bad do you want it? Financial Freedom is more than retirement; it’s joy, fulfillment, and significance!  So, let me ask again, what is your purpose? Lets see if we can find it together!  Please contact us if you would like us to design a Freedom Plan for you. 

Stay Connected

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Written by Robert Cortes with Allgen Financial Advisors, Inc.


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