“The plans of the diligent lead to prosperity as surely as haste leads to poverty.”

This proverb has proven to be undeniably accurate, and has been the creed of many of the most successful figures in history.  We at Allgen embrace this philosophy on a daily basis and have made it our mission to encourage and aid our clients to do the same in their own lives.  We have found that knowledge and passion are the most essential traits necessary to live a truly diligent lifestyle, and we feel it is our duty to impart this knowledge and rouse passion in our clients so that they may fulfill their life’s purpose and achieve financial freedom.

To that effort, we are thrilled to announce the start of a recurring series of ‘workshops’ designed to supply our clients with fundamental ideals and guidance along their path to financial freedom.  Each series is designed around our model of the 3 stages of a person’s financial life: Foundation, Formation, and Freedom. Each workshop will focus on one of the “Three F’s”, examining the characteristics, behavioral aspects, and best methods for progressing through each stage.  While space at the live workshops will be limited, we have made provisions to give our clients exclusive access to the workshop via Allgen’s video archives.  We have always had the vision of providing all of our clients with this service and we are working diligently (as always) towards that goal.

In addition, to help us enhance our communication and education efforts, we have hired a new marketing specialist, Ashley Bravo.  In her short time here she has already greatly improved our online presence through the use of social media, and is in the process of overhauling our website – be on the lookout for motivational posts, articles with good tips and best practices for handling your finances, and updates to our website.  We urge you to utilize these and all of our resources to better understand your money and where it is going.

On that note, we encourage you to finish the year strong!  As we roll into the final quarter of 2013, consider in advance the holiday ‘Spending Season’.  Dave Ramsey says it best when discussing emergency funds and their uses, “Christmas is not an emergency! It comes the same time EVERY year!”  Set a goal to make a spending plan, determine what you can comfortably afford to spend for your holiday expenses, and then allocate appropriately.  Doing this will not only ease the strain on your pocketbook, but your stress levels as well.  In this light, year-end planning can make a tremendous difference in your financial future, including considering IRA, 401K, and other tax and retirement savings strategies.

We hope you enjoy yourselves and have a very blessed, joyous holiday season!