Well, it flew by, but the first 90 days/ 13 weeks/ 3 months of 2014 are in the books.  Regardless of how we measure it, 25% of our year has passed and it is time to examine our progress, acknowledge our achievements, and make specific plans to fulfill the remainder of this year’s goals.

When the year began, we outlined a few topics to keep in mind while setting your goals for the year.  Taxes demand our attention for a good part of the first quarter but by the time you read this the deadline for filing will likely have passed.  However if you or anyone you know are having trouble and have not filed, please contact us and we can point you in the right direction!

Now that tax season has passed we encourage you to revisit your new year’s resolutions and focus more on your savings and investing goals, keeping ever mindful of your spending habits. When we break our lives down into a detailed cash-flow plan we see how dangerous it can be if we don’t tell our money exactly where to go.  If you need help making/balancing your budget, or would like to access our online budgeting tools, please talk with your advisor or contact us about financial planning at planning@allgenfinancial.com.  A little financial planning can go a long way!

To illustrate the basis for Allgen’s planning process, we have identified 3 primary life stages which we have affectionately coined Allgen’s Three F’s:

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Each stage has distinct attributes and requirements that must be met before progressing to the next stage.  We’ve designed this “Path to Financial Freedom” so that when followed exactly as suggested you will be protected from life’s unfortunate events while building for the future.  This is by no means a get-rich quick scheme, but rather a long steady, methodical path to freedom. Our financial planning department works closely with each client to identify their current financial life stage and helps plan their steps on their journey to financial freedom.  This process is quite in-depth and our team takes a very personalized approach when aligning your financial goals with your lifestyle to help you advance through each stage.  To make us more efficient in this process we’ve hired Teresa Talton as the latest addition to our financial planning department.  Teresa recently passed the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM exam and will be an excellent resource for our team as an associate planner.  For more information on Allgen’s Three F’s and the steps to Financial Freedom, contact us.

We have some exciting events ahead of us this quarter, including the Corporate 5k in downtown Orlando on the evening of April 17.  If you can make it we hope to see you at our tent after the race – we will be set up near the corner of Lake Eola Dr. and E. Washington St. Later this quarter we plan to host a cocktail gathering to thank our clients and to introduce them to collaborative professionals in the areas of finance, estate planning, mortgage and taxes. Finally, in June we will have a summer camp teaching adolescents the value of managing one’s personal finances – stay tuned into our Facebook page for information on these and other upcoming events.