Allgen believes teamwork, perseverance, and fun can all happen in the same place! That’s why we gathered the Allgen Team together for a team building workshop in January. We cheered each other on as we worked our way through a maze of ziplines and celebrated success at the end.

Here’s what some of our team members learned from the big day:

Jason: “I’m blessed to work with a team who all buy into the company’s mission and vision and passionately pursue it! …Plus, we have a great time working together!”

Karen: I learned that working with a group of people that have the same passion and drive for helping people is invaluable. Also, that teams are there to lift each other up and help us overcome our worst fears.

Kathryn: Together, we can overcome anything! Never forget to lean on your team when you need it most.

Liz: What an amazing time spent with such amazing people! Allgen not only looks out for its clients with such great attention and care, but its employees as well. Jason & Paul thank you for depositing words of encouragement, knowledge, and affirmation as you reminded us the vision and mission of Allgen… it’s heart, while building us up and challenging us to look deeper and grow further. Together as a Team we were able to conquer fears, connect through laughter, and encourage each other through obstacles that limited us to the finish line, but with perseverance, peer support and magnifying the solution not the obstacle, we successfully finished the course. Go Team Allgen!

Be sure to check out some of the fun pictures of the event below!