Allgen Finnacial Services, Inc. just launched a program that will allow small and medium size businesses the ability to cost effectively establish a 401(k) using a fully integrated online system which will allow businesses to signing-up, administer, and monitor their retirement benefits with great ease.

How we work with our small business clients
Allgen Financial Services, Inc. provides superior investment solutions to 401k participants. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we implement 401(k) plans using low-cost mutual funds to build diversified portfolios. Along with
Nobel Laureates and leading academics, we believe the best way to grow your retirement investments is through a fully diversified global portfolio.

For 401(k) participants, we provide five model investment portfolios. This takes away the guesswork (and wasted time) by employees trying to pick individual mutual funds, and will help them have a better investment experience. Our five portfolios give a full array of choices, from aggressive to conservative – and everything in between. Importantly, because our portfolios are fully diversified (over 10,000 securities) in low-cost mutual funds, you avoid employee liability problems associated with a lack of diversification or high expenses.

Services and support you can expect
Allgen will help establish and customize an appropriate 401(k) plan for your business and will ensure that this is communicated properly to participants. Allgen will also provide ongoing plan review services and participant education.

How we get compensated for our services
It should come as a surprise that how your financial advisor is paid may determine the content of the advice you receive. Most financial advisors sell financial products. As such, they are paid commission by the Wall Street companies whose products they sell.

Allgen Financial Services, Inc. is a fee-based investment manager. We are paid by our clients for providing investment advice, not by Wall Street companies for selling their products. As an independent company we have no conflicts of interest, nor do we earn commissions on your transactions. There are no sales loads or commissions paid in Allgen’s 401(k) plans. Allgen is paid an asset management fee equal to a percentage of assets under management for the entire 401(k) plan.

More information about setting-up a 401(k) for your company

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