An essential piece of an investment plan includes a stock selection process. The following are the Investors Business Daily’s stock selection criteria:

* Earnings: The Indispensable Element Of Great Stocks

The single most important gauge of a stock’s potential is its earnings growth.

* Sales, Profit Margins, Return On Equity

These three fundamental factors are crucial in evaluating a stock. Learn what they mean.

* Sponsorship: Catching The Stocks The Pros Are Buying

When mutual funds and other professional investors buy certain stocks, the sheer magnitude of their buying power propels stock prices higher.

* The Strongest Industries Often Produce The Best Stocks

Up to half of a stock’s price movement is influenced by the industry it belongs to.

* Leading Stocks Are Leaders For A Reason

How to identify the current stock market leaders. It is these stocks that provide the best opportunities for future gains.

* New Price Highs Mean New Opportunities

When a stock reaches a new high, it doesn’t mean its best days are over. On the contrary, it’s actually a good time to consider buying it.

* New Products, Services Or Management

Astounding stock gains don’t just happen. Great new products, services or management teams are usually the driving force behind the greatest stocks.

* Your Stock Buying Checklist: Sorting Through The Process

Successful investing requires checking all the vital elements of a stock. This checklist tells you what you can’t afford to ignore.

* Chart Patterns Help You Spot The Right Time To Buy, Part I

Charts help paint a picture of investor demand for a stock, revealing important clues about its prospects.

* Chart Patterns Help You Spot The Right Time To Buy, Part II

Any stock worth buying has a recognizable price and volume pattern you can learn to identify.

* You’ve Bought A Stock—Now What?

Buying a good stock is just part of the challenge. Learn how to protect your investment by knowing the best time to hold or sell your stock.

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