The “road to success” has been referenced and philosophized by brilliant minds and laymen alike for centuries; details may vary but the theme reigns true: it is never ‘easy’.  For some it may be likened to a gravel road that twists and turns up a mountainside, while for others it can feel like trekking on foot through dense tundra, often with no clearing in sight.  Our individual path and the decisions we make along the way are what make us unique.  At Allgen we know the value of embracing individuality.  We dedicate ourselves to understanding our clients and helping them navigate the uncertainties and complexities of their personal ‘path’ to success.

In the past quarter we have continued to develop our resources and improve our processes.  We strive to improve ourselves as a company to better meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.  To that effort, we are pleased to announce we have hired a new team member, Christopher Damiano, to be our Operations Specialist.  Chris is a recent graduate of the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Economics.  His duties will provide assistance to Allgen’s portfolio management team and improve office efficiencies.

In addition to process improvements, we continue to develop our client resources.  In our previous newsletter update we announced the formal rollout of Wealth Tracker – we have already had more than 10% of our client’s link their financial lives to Wealth Tracker and we have received very positive feedback.  Wealth Tracker is the one-stop platform for keeping track of all of your financial life.  Exercising control over your money is essential to financial stability and growing wealth – understanding where your money goes is the key to doing this effectively.  In Wealth Tracker you can link your bank accounts, investment accounts, and even your credit cards; keep track of your assets, debts, monthly cash flow, insurance policies and more.  Allgen is pleased to offer this remarkable service to our clients at no additional charge in accordance with our mission of helping you reach and exceed your financial goals.

The link below is to a brief but very impressive video tour of Wealth Tracker and its capabilities.

Screenshot of Wealth Tracker:

Wealth Tracker screenshot of sample account

Finally, we have been expanding the financial planning segment of our business.  Ana Fernandez, our Director of Financial Planning, is a Certified Financial Planner; she is adamant about the benefits of using Wealth Tracker, and she works closely with our clients to understand their needs and help them stay on track to meeting their financial goals.

As always, please feel free to contact us to get started on your financial planning or for a review.  Stay tuned for more educational communications coming soon that will help you stay on the right path to achieving your financial freedom.